Headache Treatment

Osteopathy can help with cervicogenic headaches

Osteopathy can help with cervicogenic headaches

The majority of headaches are caused by tension and/or a poor posture. An osteopath can provide relief in these areas. Prolonged and chronic muscle tightness in the neck area leads to the nerves and  joints becoming compressed which often causes pain. Movement of fluids including blood and lymph also becomes restricted. Poor circulation of blood and lymph affects oxygen delivery to the brain often causes discomfort and headaches.


Osteopathic treatments are particularly successful in helping sports injuries and rehabilitating sports men and women in order to get them back to their chosen sport as quickly as possible.


Wilmslow Osteopath John Corfield (M.Ost) is one of only a handful of ‘Masters of Osteopathy’ in the North West of England. I have thousands of satisfied patients.



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