We are based in Wilmslow.
You will be seen by practitioner: John Corfield (M.Ost) ‘Master of Osteopathy.


Initial consultation and treatment 60 minutes £75
Follow up treatments 45 minutes: £65
Book online here: http://www.thecheshireosteopath.com/bookings/


What to Expect from an Osteopathic Consultation:

What should you wear?

When it comes to treating my patients it is imperative you feel completely comfortable before and during the actual treatment itself. I will never ask you to strip down to your underwear.  I ask all my patients to come wearing appropriate clothing i.e a loose vest with a normal bra underneath is ideal (as sports bras can be a little restrictive) running leggings, shorts etc. There is a secure changing area available and appropriate clothing, modesty towels and a gown can and will be provided if necessary.

Can I bring a relative or a friend?

Yes absolutely, you can have either a friend or relative (or both) present throughout your consultation and/or treatment. Please bare in mind that if necessary some of the case history questions can be quite personal.. You can always have the consultation whilst your relative or friend waits outside and then invite them in to observe the treatment. Whatever makes you the feel the most comfortable.

Does the treatment hurt?

Some soft tissue techniques may cause discomfort during and after treatment, I will always tell you what to expect. You may feel stiff or sore after you have received treatment. This is a completely normal and healthy response to treatment and can last anywhere between 24-72 hours.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you require depends on the condition I am treating, I aim to keep all appointments to an absolute minimum.

Other important information on what to expect can be found here.


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