Shoulder Pain

Osteopathy can help with:


Shoulder, arm and elbow pain

Osteopathy can help with effective relief for pain in and around the shoulder joint and pain that extends down the arm sometimes into the fingers, this is often related to a trapped nerve which is often described as tingling or burning in the arm, hand or fingers. The pain can also be caused by mild sports injuries, muscle tightness or through respective strain motions such as typing at a computer.
Only a thorough examination by me will establish the cause which I will then treat to relieve the pain and improve your wellbeing.

Osteopathy can help with pain from frozen shoulder

This occurs when the shoulder joint capsule capsule around sticks to itself and becomes very inflamed. In serious cases the shoulder literally feels “frozen” limiting most of its movement and can be very painful. Osteopathic treatment for  shoulder often helps to relieve the pain and improve movement of the shoulder joint whilst the capsule heals. Frozen shoulders can unfortunately take some time to settle down but my treatment can be very helpful to alleviate the symptoms during this period I will include exercises and advice for helping yourself at home to speed up recovery, early advice and treatment is vital to the healing process.