Neck Pain

The neck is a complex area which osteopaths are trained to assess and treat. The taking of a patients history and the detailed physical and postural examination which follows enables the osteopath to assess whether the symptoms are musculoskeletal in origin and if osteopathy is likely to help. If the osteopath has concerns that there may be an underlying condition which is not suitable for osteopathic treatment you will be asked to return to your GP for their opinion and appropriate investigations if required.

The physical examination of the neck involves assessing the patients posture and determining whether the load placed through the joints in the neck is too great. Osteopaths have the ability to assess the tiny movements within the individual facet joints of the neck. Treatment can involve a variety of techniques such as soft tissue massage, articulation and of course joint manipulation; where a highly skilful and controlled high velocity low amplitude thrust (HVLA) is performed.