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Highly recommended!  17-2-16 I have been seeing John for a couple of years and I have followed him to his new practice because he is so good. John's technical skills and the positive outcomes he creates are better than any other Osteopath I have seen in the past. He is extremely professional, and most importantly in many cases he can create immediate outcomes to alleviate pain. I would highly recommend the Cheshire Osteopath to anyone! Chris W. Appleton Warrington

Excruciating back and shoulder pain

Just to say thank you so much John. I came to see you on 6th Oct 2015 with the most excruciating pain in my back, shoulder and arm because medication from my G.P. was doing nothing and I hadn't slept for nights. After just two sessions with you I felt so much better and at my last appointment on 11th Nov 2015 I was pain free. I have Lymphoedema in my right arm following surgery for Breast Cancer and you even helped ease the discomfort of that. so once again thank you John I will see you again for some ongoing treatment on my arm. See you in the not too distant future I hope. Christine M.
Retired Midwife  When I first attended John for treatment I had a myriad of aches, pains and colitis. After 3 sessions I began to feel much more energised, all my problems, aches, pains were indeed improving. After 8 sessions i knew it had all been so very worthwhile. At the last session John gave me a series of exercises unique to me so i canmaintain my new found health and well being.Thank you John. I am a new Woman. Christina RGN.RM
Emergency Home Visit to this lovely couple in PrestburyThe patient was suffering from a serious episode of very acute low back pain and could barely move, after 4 treatments over a 2-3 week period I received this message: "Dear John, just to let you know my husband is very much better, he is able to walk a mile. Thank you so much for doing a brilliant job, we are both very grateful. Best wishes."Sara  
I went to John for treatment as I was suffering from back pain and stiffness which was causing me discomfort and preventing me from exercising. As promised, after a few treatments my pain had lessened enormously and I gained flexibility due to a combination of the treatment administered and John's advice on stretching regularly to complement his work. Within a month I had returned to exercise and could start to enjoy running again. I would highly recommend John to anyone suffering joint pain as his approach to understanding the root cause of the problem combined with treating and aligning the whole body worked wonders for me. Mandy F
Musician I have been receiving treatment from john since last year and I simply couldn't do my job without his continued expertise and help. I had tried various therapies before trying Osteopathy and was feeling slightly helpless but after one treatment, John pin-pointed the symptoms immediately and began to eleviate any pain and worry. I used to have a half hour session every two weeks but I now only need 1 a month to maintain my well being. John is a true professional who will talk you through any treatment he thinks you need and why. Brilliant! Thanks John!Jenny H
I'd suffered from back pain for over 15 years but March 14 it got the worse it had ever got, to the point I couldnt put weight on my legs.I contacted John who on first inspection told me exactly what was wrong with my back and went to work on me after 5 visits I was a new man again I would go as far as saying he's changed my life.Out of curiosity I paid for a MRI scan at Bupa the results came back to exactly what John had diagnosed me with!Steve Hibbert
Two years of pain in my legs and lower back due to nerves being trapped between discs and back muscles in spasm. Numerous mis-diagnosis then eventually two very painful and unsuccessful procedures injecting cortisone into the nerves in my spine, I was still in debilitating pain and getting desperate. Then I happened to find John, after fully discussing my symptoms and my medical diagnosis, he believed he could help. After the first session although sore, I certainly had more mobility and less pain. After five more sessions I now actually have pain free days. Something I have not experienced for a long time. I still have a way to go, but, with John, I certainly feel there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will become pain free. He is a pleasant, professional individual who is passionate about his work. His understanding about the mechanics of the body is excellent. He is certainly the osteopath I'd recommend.  Lynne, Widnes
Gaynor M
Gaynor M
When a repetitive strain injury started to interfere with everyday life, as well as regular visits to the gym, I decided to seek help.  A friend recommended John to me & he diagnosed lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).John explained that osteopaths work away from the affected area and balance the body by treating it as a whole. Consequently, as well as treatment on my arm I have needed work on my neck, shoulders and lower back.After a few treatments I was pain free but I still visit John to maintain the well being and I benefit from every session.I would highly recommend John for his knowledge, his manner and his professionalism. 
Nicola H. Rochdale
Nicola H. Rochdale
For many years I have been suffering back pain and especially since having my child, I thought this was something I would have to learn to live with for the rest of my life having tried all the other treatments and medication available to me.A friend then suggested I go to visit an osteopath and John wasmentioned, I didn't know what to expect as I had never heard of anosteopath, something that still makes me feel very silly because the treatment I received was like nothing else I have ever experienced and after 5 treatments I was virtually pain free.  I cannot thank you enough John