Medical Acupuncture in Wilmslow

Wilmslow acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture involves inserting very fine needles for a therapeutic effect. Overall, it is an adaptation of the Chinese method but using modern up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology. My aim is to use this treatment in conjunction as an Osteopath Wilmslow to help maximise pain relief for my patients. 


Segmental Analgesia: How it works? Very briefly inserting the needle sends information up the nerve which supplies the area. Here there is a dampening of the pain signal in the dorsal horn which controls sensation.


Medical Acupuncture and trigger points: 

Trigger points are highly irritable and localised areas within you muscles. muscles can refer pain and should not be overlooked. Why these trigger points occur in your muscles is not fully understood.

The purpose of using Medical Acupuncture is to sedate these trigger points and the pain they cause.