Back Pain

Osteopathic treatment can help many conditions but we are still renowned for the treatment of back pain.

Problems arising in the back may produce pain and symptoms elsewhere in the body such as in the hips  pelvis, legs or  feet. In these situations the osteopath is there to assess what’s causing the problem and utilise a variety of methods to help alleviate the pain accordingly.

Treating low back pain is a key speciality of mine, please see my testimonials to find out more about the types of back problems I treat.

It is worth noting that NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) who provide guidelines for the medical profession, recommend manipulative therapies including osteopathy for the treatment of low back pain.

Pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication and rest is not always the best approach. With my approach to a patient suffering pain the main emphasis is placed on thorough ‘hands on’ treatment which is backed up with self help approaches for the patient to follow.